I have a very clear sense of mission:

Create Strategic Advantage for Clients


If you run a small to medium sized manufacturing or technology enterprise, finding the right intellectual property (IP) attorney can mean the difference between success and failure. You need IP counsel that is not going to sink you with ultrahigh fees, but who understands patent strategy better than your competitors' counsel.  It may be in your interests to file for a patent, or it may not be, but it is always in your interests to have the benefit of savvy patent counsel to help you make decisions that are critical to the success of your enterprise. Experience the difference, when you contact my law firm.

Timothy E. Siegel Patent Law, PLLC, located in Bellevue, WA, is dedicated to providing independent inventors and small to mid-size companies in the Pacific Northwest with the most effective patent procurement and patent infringement defense counseling possible.

Hourly Rate: $360/hour

Minimum for preparation of a nonprovisional utility patent application (exclusive of drawings and government fees): $5,500.


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